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You May Need a New Google AdWords Consultant If....

We engage with external resources for Google AdWords campaign management often and the reason is often because it is just SO MUCH WORK! Unless you have a large marketing team and can dedicate an internal resource to this task, it's just not going to have the most return that is possible.

Understanding the ins and outs, campaign types, targeting options and measurement within AdWords is a craft. Hiring a Marketing Consultant that is an expert in this area is a good investment if you have the budget. However, there comes a time where you may need to cut ties and move on.

You may need a new Google Ads Consultant if,

1) you have no idea what you are paying for

You've hired someone to manage your AdWords programs, have briefed them on your target audience, your goals and budget and they are off and running. But, you have no idea what they are actually doing.

2) you are not seeing results

Your consultant should understand what your goals are. Do you have a goal CPL? Are you focused on generating leads, traffic? If you are seeing your budget go out the window but are not seeing any results, it may be time to move on.

3) you feel ignored

Perhaps you have dabbled in in Google Ads in the past or read articles on best practices and you are coming to your consultant with ideas. But those ideas are just falling on deaf ears, are being dismissed and/or completely ignored altogether.

4) you know more than them

Even feel like you are telling them what to do and finding mistakes in your account? Perhaps you don't have enough time to manage your AdWords campaigns which is why you hired them, but if you are spending time in the account fixing things anyways, it's not really helping to have them on board as a Consultant.

TIP: It is nearly impossible to know if you are going to experience any of these things from the get-go in your relationship with a consultant. The best thing I can advise is to get referrals and recommendations before you sign anything.
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