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See what your peers had to say about working with me.

"Christina is very knowledgeable about B2B sales and helped us build a direction for our campaign. She will be a valuable member of any sales team."
"Christina has the skills for writing digital marketing copy and strategy development. She also has a great aptitude to learn about a business and its products and customers to develop appropriate and clickable messaging."
"Christina is great to work with. Fun, friendly, smart, and creative, with great writing skills. The perfect combination in someone to write marketing copy."
"Christina is great. She is a great communicator and a very creative person who helped our business immensely. I definitely recommend her to anyone who needs help formulating and developing ideas marketing strategies for customers. I want to work with her again!"
"Christina came in to do a very difficult job for us that many people have not successfully accomplished. She was extremely successful!"
"Christina is a GEM and I look forward to continuing to work with her to optimize our marketing automation!"

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