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[Template] Three Touch Cold Email Campaign

I have written and seen a lot of emails which means I have a ton of data about what works and what doesn't. With regulations like GDPR, cold email outreach has become more difficult but its not impossible. Today I'm sharing a three touch cold email campaign that I absolutely adore so you can make it your own.


A quick note to say hello

Hello I’m [YOUR NAME] with [YOUR COMPANY]. Hope everything is going great for you today!

I’m personally reaching out to say hello and connect with you.

[COMPANY NAME] was founded because we know that [PAIN YOU SOLVE] exists. The solution we came up with to help is [YOUR PRODUCT VALUE].

I’d love to hear back from you and connect. Check us out and let me know what you think on how we can best help you. Here’s our site: [YOUR COMPANY URL].




Hello Christina! I just wanted to ask if you already had a chance to check [COMPANY NAME] website out? Either you may have checked the homepage and exited or haven’t really seen our site.

Regardless, I’d like to encourage you to check out [NAME] page and see how it works. We recently [ADDED A NEW FEATURE/UPPED SUPPORT/WON AN AWARD].

Let me know what you think. Worth a discussion or nay?

If you are ready to jump in, just hit reply so we can talk soon. Otherwise, let me know how else we can assist you.

Thank you so much for reading my email and hear back from you soon!


Subject: What could have changed your mind?

I have sent you a few emails over the past weeks and haven’t heard back from you.

As stated in my email subject, I’d like to ask you a final question: What would have changed your mind to reply or take action using our service?

[YOUR COMPANY] is mainly created to help professionals and businesses with their [PAIN] challenge. [YOUR VALUE PROP]

If I hear back from you, great! Let’s discuss further and see how we can help you out. Otherwise, I wish you best in your endeavors and thank you for reading my emails.

[TIP] You must test test test always. Even if something works really well, there is always an opportunity to improve. Another thing I always like to remind everyone of is to share tactics that work with your team. You are not competing, you are supporting.
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