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How to End a Nurture Sequence

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Your nurture sequence should model the length of your sales cycle and take into account the frequency of communication you have defined for your audience. But all good things must come to an end and I strongly feel that you just cannot email someone forever. At some point you need to stop, pause and just walk away.

In this post I am going to cover 3 ways to end your email nurture campaign in a way that is friendly, resourceful and built to capture attention.

1. What Could Have Changed Your Mind?

In this email, you want to reflect back on the information and content you have shared along the nurture journey and pointedly ask 'what could have changed your mind to move forward with a conversation'. This is an open question crafted to solicit a response that is not a simple yes or no and gives you a prompt for how to consider your next steps.

2. Are You Stuck Under a Rock?

This one has been around for years but that's not to say it should be extinguished and no longer considered. I feel there is still something to this email. It's comical and allows your recipient to confirm they are ok but just not interested (or, even better, to say they want to talk and thanks for the reminder to connect!).

3. In the Meantime

Their silence indicates they are not ready so let's sign-off with an email that simply gives them some information 'in the meantime.' Consider copy that gives them a few resources and summarizes what you do and the value you provide.

TIP: Don't ever call it quits on a prospect (unless they unsubscribe of course). Put a pause on anyone that runs through the nurture sequence. To make a decision on the timeframe, do some research on the average tenure for your prospect's job title.

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