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Defining the Funnel | Lead Acceleration | Metrics and Measurement



How familiar are you with how your marketing funnel looks today? Do you know how many accounts are in each stage? What is the conversion you are seeing between each stage? This will include:

  • Defining your funnel stages. No two organizations are the same so we will take a deep dive into what your sales process looks like

  • Defining your conversion metrics. What is the conversion rate from one stage to the next? Is there room to improve? *if measurement of funnel progression is not properly built, we will not be able to accomplish this step

  • Establishing your reach at each stage. We will properly assemble your database of prospects and customers to provide complete visibility into your 


A metrics-driven marketing funnel will allow you to see conversion rates from stage to stage and also allow you to drill-down into channel performance. Let us help you now accelerate those leads and build email nurture programs that increase conversion rates. This will include:

  • Content audit. We will look at what content is available for each stage in your funnel

  • Acceleration tactics. We will look at media types that are converting at a faster pace and determine where there is an opportunity to scale in those channels

  • Nurturing programs. We will build a lead nurturing program that will follow the buyer journey, keep your brand top-of-mind and support the sales team


To make metrics-driven decisions, you need to ensure you have programs setup to capture lead progression in the funnel. This will include:

  • An audit of how the buyer journey is tracked

  • Creation of custom fields and/or workflows to track funnel stage progression

  • Dashboard and report creation based on user and information requested

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