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Deciding When the Time is Right to Add Email Marketing as a Channel

As you go to market, email marketing and how it fits is probably on your mind. However, the timing is also probably not right.

Today I want to discuss how you can determine if now is the time to start putting some resources towards email marketing as a channel.

Do you have a database? This doesn't mean you have to have an elegant CRM or even an email platform but you do need to have a steady source of inbound leads or those captured with outbound tactics.

No? Stop here and revisit in 3 months

Yes? Let's keep going.

Do you have a repeatable sales process that is proven? This means that you have figured out your pricing schema, your timeline for acquisition and are successfully closing deals using a defined formula.

No? Stop here and revisit in 3 months

Yes? Let's keep going.

Do you have resources to devote to developing and managing an email marketing strategy? If you are going to do it, do it well. Email marketing is not a random act of outbound communication because you consider something 'email worthy'.

No? Review your budget and see if you can allocate some funds for a consultant and a platform

Yes? Let's keep going.

Do you have an idea of where email fits? Take a look at your marketing calendar of activities. Build out audience segments and start thinking about how email marketing will play a strategic role in supporting the goals of your company. It needs to make sense!

No? Stop here and revisit in 3 months

Yes? Let's keep going.

Do you have buy-in? This is primarily marketing's decision but you also need to involve other stakeholders in the company. Sales should be informed that their prospects will be emailed. If you have a target segment of customers you are building a custom upsell sequence for, your accounts team needs to know.

No? This is not the end. You just have to educate and inform your team about how email marketing will benefit them and the company as a whole.

Yes? GO GO GO!!

HINT: Every company does not need email. It's super tempting to spin up a free trial of an email platform, load in a list you acquired somewhere and send something out but that is not email marketing.
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