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Lead Generation for Service Providers vs. Solution Providers

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

lead generation debate

I had an interesting conversation with a potential client this week about the difference (if one exists) between generating leads for a service provider vs. a solution provider. It wasn't something I had considered before this conversation because my approach is the same regardless of if you are a hair salon, book author or software company.

The methodology for building a 'marketing machine' is the same across any type of industry, client size or offering and it's really just 4 simple steps.

1. Define your target audience

2. Define the problem they have

3. Define how you can solve it

4. Define how you are going to reach them

Does this methodology really work for any type of company? Let's see.

The Hair Salon

1. Women between the ages of 25-55 within a 25 mile radius of Beverly, MA

2. Want to have confidence in their stylist and have an amazing experience

3. Offer the highest quality products and creative stylists with extra perks like neck wraps and head massages

3. Audience will look on Yelp, Facebook and Instagram

Book Author

1. Marketing professionals who need help learning how to use Google AdWords

2. Understand knowledge of Google AdWords is good skill and don't know anything about it

3. This book is the most comprehensive how-to for marketing professionals getting started with AdWords

4. Audience will look on GoodReads, LinkedIn and popular marketing sites like MarketingProfs

Software Company

1. Finance executives located in the US that have teams of <3 people

2. Finance is becoming a cost center and they need to maximize resources and improve efficiencies

3. This automation software reduces your manual work by 33%

4. Audience will look on LinkedIn, Google search or a finance executive focused site like CFO .com

TIP: Be careful not to rule out an opportunity because you have a hunch it may not work in your business. It's worth spending some time to explore if you are right or not.

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