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How to Get the Most Return from a Content Syndication Program

I have always been a fan of content syndication programs. They are a great way to spend budget and know with 100% confidence that you will get exactly what you want. Here's the rundown,

Content syndication is a program where you work with a publisher like ReachMail or Madison Logic and their responsibility is to use your content to deliver leads that fit your defined criteria. An example of your criteria would look something like this,

Job title = Marketing Manager

Geo = United States, Canada

Company size = $10M + or 500+ employees

Industry = Construction

Once you have defined your criteria, the publisher will provide you with your CPL and the volume they can deliver to you. I always start by asking for the total volume they can deliver regardless of budget and scale from there.

Once you have that, you need to provide the content they will use to acquire your leads. Here is where you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

Do not give them a whitepaper that is general thought leadership.

Do not give them a webinar recording.

Do give them a case study.

Do give them a product demo video.

Do give them a datasheet.

See what I did there? I just took that big bucket of leads and auto-filtered out the prospects who are showing the most intent.

Your content syndication partner has to deliver your leads. Make them work for it!

HINT: Don't forget your acceleration email strategy for these leads! Even if they meet your ICP and downloaded a case study, there is still a place for nurture.

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