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How Do You Make a List of Effective Short and Long Tail Keywords from Just a Single Keyword?

I don't like to spend money optimizing my site or bidding on single keywords which is why I spend a lot of time exploring keyword phrase with at least 3 words (short tail) to upwards of 5 words (long tail). Yes, the volume goes down but you will see quality increase. You want to find the people with their 'hair on fire' (as I like to say).

So today I am going to just do a quick brainstorm with you on how to take 1 single keyword and build a huge list of short and long tail keywords from it. Since my expertise is in working with start-up technology companies, I am going to do this exercise with that in mind. So here goes,



Short tail keywords:

cybersecurity solution

cyber security

cybersecurity product

cybersecurity company

improve cybersecurity

cybersecurity benefits

cybersecurity operations

Long tail keywords:

cybersecurity solutions for executives

software for cybersecurity officers

cybersecurity solutions for my business

cybersecurity for healthcare operations

solutions for cybersecurity teams

products for cybersecurity teams

software for cybersecurity teams

TIP: This is a function exercise - or should be - and there is really no wrong answers. Just keep going with your list until your brain is exhausted. I'll let you know what to do with your lists in my next post.

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