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Does Anyone Use Quora Anymore?

This is an interesting question because anytime I have recommended to a company to participate in this site, I nearly always get some push back.

"Nobody uses Quora."

"That's not a place we want our brand to be."

"Our audience is not there."

"We want to focus on Facebook and LinkedIn."

Ok, I hear you but now I would like to ask you to hear me out on this.

1. Traffic to Quora is GROWING!

Take a look at this chart I pulled from Alexa. While we see a huge spike in early 2018 when the site was becoming a trend, the traffic is not slowing down.

2. It doesn't take too much work

Depending upon your industry, there may be very few opportunities to engage on this platform or advertise to a relevant audience. Before you say 'then it's not worth it', consider the opportunity to get: 1) Backlinks, 2) Brand Exposure, and 3) LEADS.

3. You can advertise to a targeted audience

You can advertise to Quora users using a Sponsored text ad. I like these because they show up in the answer thread and if you are creative enough with your text and imagery, you can provide a thoughtful response that is likely to generate traffic to your site. The budget required is very low (depends on your business but at one B2B SaaS tech company I managed, I spent less than $1,000 per month).

4. Catch future customers at the exact moment they need help

If someone is asking for help with social media marketing and you are an agency, perhaps this is a future client. Answer the question and offer to connect to discuss further.

In conclusion

Before you remove this social platform from your strategy, please do 2 things for me:

1. Search for your competitors on Quora. If they are on there, maybe you should be too.

2. Search for your brand on Quora. If people are talking about you, or your company is an actual topic, you should be monitoring this.

Are you using Quora? What do you think?

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