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A Simple Template to Create Brand Messaging

I remember the first time I was asked to write a brand messaging framework for the company. I had no idea where to start or even what this was comprised of. What this a mission statement? Vision statement? Tagline?

Why Create Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is a concise way to capture what your brand stands for, who you serve and the problem you solve. It becomes very useful when bringing on new team members, training partners and prospecting leads.

How and When to Use Brand Messaging

Your messaging can be used for (and should be) several areas:

1. Your About Us page on your website

2. Your sales scripts and emails

3. Your marketing messaging - emails, events, content

4. Ad copy - AdWords, display, social

5. Training - new hires, partners

6. Public relations - educating the market

7. Analyst relations - briefings with industry influencers

Creating Your Messaging Doc

The first thing I did was scour the web for examples, how-to's and anything and everything that covered how to create brand messaging. This helped a lot!

With this research I was able to compile the main ingredients for what I need to create and deliver to my team. And with this, I made a super simple template I am thrilled to share with you! Here is the link - ungated - to the template.

TIP: Messaging is NOT a tagline! I have seen this confused so many times. It may influence the brainstorm for a tagline, but your messaging doc does not need to include a tagline.
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