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5 Things Your Marketing Campaign Strategy Must Include

A marketing campaign strategy presentation should include many items but let's break it down into the top 5 here. Consider these your break-out sections and envision numerous detail slides assigned to each.

1. Purpose: Why are you spending time on this?

Let's start by defining the purpose of your marketing campaign overall. Consider this your summary of what is to come. Include items like why you think it is a good idea to go in this direction and how is this going to help the company.

2. Audience: How does this connect with your target customer?

Here you want to include demographic information about your audience, what their challenges are and how you solve them. Work with your product marketing and product management teams on this one. You can also validate with a customer if you have that opportunity.

3. KPIs: How are you determining success or failure?

How are you going to determine if this is a success? Define your KPIs (key performance indicators) right up front. Examples could be grow database by 15%, generating leads or a percentage of revenue. This is going to be important for #5 where we talk about measurement. (hint: you need to be able to measure your KPIs)

4. Tactics: What are you going to do to reach your KPIs?

How are you planning to reach your KPIs defined? Consider owned media, paid media, earned media placements to include in your mix. Are you going to run a webinar, create an email sequence, send a direct mailer, add a website pop-up?

5. Measurement: How are you going to track and report on the campaign performance?

Your strategy needs to include a plan for how you are going to measure success of your marketing campaign. Depending upon your management team this may be a dashboard, a weekly report or a live meeting to walk-through what is happening. Be prepared to include in your strategy how you plan to report and capture information.

TIP: Don't go at this alone. Get buy-in and ideas from product marketing/management, sales, the content team and depending upon the size of your company, perhaps even your CEO.
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