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Budget Management | Bottoms-Up Forecasts | Reports & Dashboards



My approach to budget management is based on past program performance, revenue goals and leads needed to create a 3x pipeline. Using historical data to forecast leads per channel and media type, we are able to allocate budget to areas that work while also allowing us to have some fun with experimental tactics.

Your budget planning spreadsheet and working budget tracking model are provided. In addition to support on program setup to ensure ROI is measured in reports and dashboards.


I will develop a bottoms-up planning model for you based on your funnel conversion rates, revenue goals and AOS. Companies will use this to map forecasted lead delivery to the total required to meet revenue objectives for the company. In the model, you will be able to adjust forecast numbers for actuals once the program concludes to update projections.

Your bottoms-up planning sheet will be referenced daily by the executive team to ensure everything is on track and easily identify where you need to recover or scale back.


Based on your needs, I can create reports and dashboards for your teams to see the data they need to see. I am well-versed in reporting and dashboards in addition to Marketo. 

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