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5 Subject Lines That Work

Regardless of the extreme unreliability of the open rate metric, we still just won't leave it alone. In some instances I have seen companies who consider their email marketing tactics complete failures because of the open rate. Sigh :/

With all that being said, I still want to pass along some awesome subject lines that worked for me. And some of these are so obvious it's almost silly to share.

1. The Webinar Invite

A webinar, or online event, is a common lead generation tactic for many businesses. And to get an audience, email is often the primary promotion tool so it has to work. But nobody will even see what your webinar is about or have a chance to register if they never even open the email right?

Subject Line: [Webinar] insert webinar title here

2. The Welcome Email

A website visitor subscribes to your newsletter, consents to learning more, subscribes to your blog posts, requests information, etc. should immediately receive a welcome email. This is your chance to provide some assurance that you have received their request and also set some expectations upfront about your communication frequency.

Subject Line: We are so glad you are here!

3. The Newsletter

Newsletters are a great way to consolidate articles, videos, news, etc. into a simple email that your recipient can digest on their own time. Now let's get them to open it so they can see all the great stuff you put together for them.

Subject Line: It's all about theme in the newsletter name this (week/month/season)

4. Customer Announcements

Face it, these can be good or bad but are necessary. Your software is down for the next 5 hours, your electricity is out at your business location, you have a special for returning customers. Regardless of topic, these emails are generally urgent in nature and need to be opened.

Subject Line: Please take a look at this when you can

5. Big Company News

Just hired a new CFO, received a huge funding round, moving locations? Big company news is exciting to your email subscribers and should be shared with them.

Subject Line: What does the future hold for company name?

Now try not to cheer too loud for that 42% open rate or run to your car to cry for that 11%, the open rate is smaller than a grain of salt.

Can I help with your email marketing?

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