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3 Things MailChimp Needs to Fix Right Away

To say I am in MailChimp a lot is an understatement. A majority of the brands I work with use MailChimp as their email marketing platform because it makes sense for their business and it has all the features and functionality they require at their current stage.

However, like everything, there is room for improvement. So today I am laying out what I feel like are the 3 things MailChimp needs to get on their product roadmap or find room in a current sprint.

1. Universal Update of Templates

This is a big one for me and it becomes especially burdensome depending upon the number of journeys I have built and how many emails are in each. Right now the templates created are static meaning if I update the template, then any email using that template does not auto-update.

Huge PITA to say the least.

2. The 404s Suck

I have tried everything to stop the issue with the 404 error that prompts when MailChimp has decided there have been too many re-directs. It costs me time to go into my history and wipe out the past month of data related to MailChimp.

3. Only 1 Sign-Up Form

I can only have 1 sign-up form for a website. This is super annoying and forces me to use another tool which is exactly what everyone tries to avoid. I want to have sign-up forms for several things, not just to get into the email database. I would like a sign-up for the newsletter, a sign-up for a free series or offer, a sign-up for blog subscriptions, etc.

I can't tell which of the 3 is worse but what I do know is how much of a time suckage they all are. And time is one thing I would not like to be spending on this type of thing.

*everything on this list has been confirmed with MailChimp's Support team

**MailChimp has an amazing Support team

TIP: There are always workarounds for these types of shortcomings but they are often not obvious and require extra work when they shouldn't be.
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