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How To Get Business Leads for Free

Did you know that there are over 1000 searches each month for the phrase 'how to get business leads for free' or some variation of it? I get it but seriously?!

And now I have you thinking, well is there a way?

Short answer and straight to the point; Nothing is free!

But now that you are here and we are on the topic, what is the most economical way to acquire leads for your business?

Here are 3 ideas to get you started:

1. Scour the Web

I have done this, seen many sales people do it and have a ton of colleagues that swear by it and it only costs you your time. Consider who is your ideal customer and locate their website to find contact information. Then hit the dial-pad, email server, fax machine, whatever. If you put some elbow grease in here, you can get some good return.

2. Hire an Intern

Another cost effective way to get more business leads is to hire an intern. You could have them making cold calls, sending emails or perhaps even getting you a good list using our first tactic.

3. Acquire a Data-set

The dirty phrase here is 'purchased list' but you could acquire a data-set based on your target. Names with full contact details are typically priced between $.20-.50.

While you can't acquire free business leads outright, there are a few ideas we can put some work into that won't break your nonexistent budget.

TIP: In the event someone does 'sell' you free business leads, be very wary. There are just too many CAN-SPAMs, GDPRs, etc. that your 'free' could end up being '$$$$'.

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