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Why Is Pinterest Important for Business?

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

I was poking around Quora recently and came across this question here. So let's explore this a bit.

How Is Pinterest Important for Business?

Yes of course it is. Pinterest is a social media channel with over 322 monthly million users. To not consider this channel as a way to get your brand in front of your audience would not be a smart move.

When Is Pinterest Important for Business?

Even with hundreds of millions of users and pins and searches per month, Pinterest may not always be the right channel for your business. The way you approach Pinterest should be the same way you approach the exploration of any channel for lead generation.

Why Is Pinterest Important for Business?

Pinterest is important because it's an amazing channel to reach a very broad audience of people who are interested in everything from how to germinate seeds to music to SEO tricks for marketers. I have yet to find a topic that is not covered there in one way or another.

TIP: If you decide to explore Pinterest and participate, have a plan and make sure you have the time to go all in. It's never a good idea to start a board, adding pins, etc. and then just go dark.
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