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[Template] Brand Positioning and Messaging

Today I want to share a template I use when I am crafting brand positioning statements for brands that I work with. Having these statements defined will influence everything you do as a marketer from the headline of your homepage to the topics of your blog posts.

Unique Value Proposition

This is one simple statement that conveys the most important value of your brand and what you deliver to your market.

Positioning Statement


To … innovators and pioneers who have created technology solutions that have disrupted their market,

Christina Lee Marketing Inc. is the ... marketing agency for early-stage companies focused on explosive growth and market penetration,

That … provides marketing expertise designed to capture, engage and convert your target market,

That’s because Christina Lee Marketing, Inc. is …

  • 100% focused on lead generation and acceleration tactics;

  • Backed by over 15 years of experience in start-ups;

  • Delivers ROI for each client in their investment;

Unlike …

  • Agencies that cater to all markets;

  • Agencies that offer a broad range of services;

  • Agencies that are not accustomed to the start-up environment (lean budgets, minimal staff)

To …

[YOUR BRAND] is the ...

That …

That’s because [YOUR BRAND] is …

Unlike …


Describe your company. This should have some variation derived from your value proposition statement defined above. Length is no barrier here but make sure what you are saying is concise and clear.

Write this to your audience and focus on what you solve and not what you offer.

25 word

50 word

100 word






They want to

They don’t want to

[YOUR BRAND] is right for them because

Competitive Positioning

  • Competitor A - Key Messaging

  • Differentiation in the Market

  • How [YOUR BRAND] Can Compete

TIP: Validate how you completed this with different teams within your company. Does sales agree? Does the product team agree? You may even interview different team members as you begin to complete this document.
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