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Your Assumptions About LinkedIn Ads Are Probably Wrong - and here is why

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

My audience is on LinkedIn. My target companies have pages that are updated regularly, my target contacts have profiles, everything looks great. But you forgot one very important thing....

Do your targets actually SPEND TIME on LinkedIn?

Having a profile on LinkedIn is a no-brainer. It's pretty much a given that you have one. An expectation if you will. But just because I have a profile doesn't mean I go into LinkedIn on a regular basis to check my stream or send messages or find new connections. I know I, for one, am rarely on there.

So if I am not on there, I don't see your ad.

TIP: Advertise on channels where your customers spend their time. Facebook gets a get rep for B2B advertising because it is seen as a B2C platform. However, your audience spends time there! Which means, they will see your ad :)

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