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Target Market Research | Funnel Analysis | Customer Research



Buyer Persona Research

Regardless of the congestion in your market, you can specify who your ideal customer is for your products or services. Looking at your competitors and their focus, where you have had success and who you want to focus on, I will build custom personas for you and your team to use.

Target market personas are useful in several areas:

1. Marketing Strategy

2. Sales Prospecting and Training

3. Engineering and Product Development

4. Public Relations and Analyst Relations


Conversion Rate Analysis

Defining buyer stages is critical for you to take a close look at your marketing funnel to determine the conversion rates as prospects move through each stage. This will help you identify where bottlenecks occur and modify your marketing tactics to correct it. 

Accurate funnel conversion tracking is useful in several areas:

1. Board Meetings

2. Forecasting

3. Budget Planning

4. Resource Allocation


Customer Profile Analysis

Using your data, I will profile your customer to provide a detailed analysis of who you are selling to. What job titles are you connecting with during the sales process? How does this correlate with your AOS and CAC? I will run reports and build pivot tables you can use to manipulate your own data and see just who you are selling to. 

Customer research analysis is useful in several areas:

1. Sales Prospecting

2. Lead Generation

3. Customer Marketing

4. Content Strategy

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