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Cool Tool Alert! Bannersnack

I'm very transparent with the fact that I do not know Photoshop, photo editing, HTML or how to create beautiful designs that make you stop dead in your tracks. And this is why I love love this tool I stumbled upon called Bannersnack.

Why Bannersnack?

For companies that don't have in-house design team and are spending their budget hiring freelancers and external design talent, this tool is a no-brainer. Even for the most untalented creative creator, it's SO easy and you will be amazed at what you produce.

Features to Love

1. Templates

There are templates for just about every industry and type of product. Use these as your inspiration.

2. Flexibility

Use your colors, customize the fonts, import images, etc. Adhering to your brand guidelines is easy.


I love the drag and drop interface, ability to change colors, add layers and mask and remove items to see how things look. And..they have every size of banner ad you can possibly need.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out and have some fun!

TIP: They have a free trial - and don't require a credit card to start it - so get an account and start creating cool stuff.
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